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Box protector

The box protector seals of the head of the connection and protects the connection with a simple and quick push and turn mechanism and is even API 5CT compliant. Also a no-touch version is availabe which is not touching the threads. Contact us for more information.

Pin (operated from head)

The Pin protector operated from the head of the connection is perfect for situations where a no-touch function is needed as for example after threading and during running operations. Even cut-off connections are no problem for this protector.

Pin (operated outside)

Our latest addition is a closed end protector which is operated from the outside. This makes this protector great for situations where handling is important. There is also a specific version available where the protector can only be removed with an additional tool which functions as a "non tampered" mechanism after transporation.

Box protector

The box protector is a 100% recyclable PP/PE protector which covers numerous connections with one product.

Pin with handle

The pin protector with handle is weight dependent, but covers almost all connections for a specific diameter with one product, thus reducing SKU enormously.

Pin without handle

The handle less protector is a weight independent.

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