Loading your protection solution

Fits all quick and safe.

The sustainable pipe protection solution which supports almost all connections (dope and dopeless) with one product with focus on usability and TCO.

How it works.

A simple push mechanism is enough to secure the protector and protect equipment from damaging, up to API 5CT specifications. Because of the "No Touch" design (not touching the threads) this is a quick and very safe solution for equipment and people.

Pipe-Proteq delivers a unique system
with outstanding features

We have protection for any pipe, regardless of connection.

Because of the patented clamping technology almost all connections can be used by simply using one product. Even non-threaded connections (eg cutoff) can be protected.

Can be placed and removed within seconds....

The simple push and lock mechanism makes it possible to place of remove the protector within seconds, even under the most severe conditions.

Reusability and durability as a core principle.

A core principe of the design is to maximise the lifetime of each individual protector and reducing carbon footprint enormously. Reusability and repairability are the key words with each protector being used 100+ till 1000+ times.

"I highly recommend PipeProteq’s Quick Release Protectors (QRP).  The QRP has increased the casing running time, saving 10-20 seconds on average per connection.  This is a huge advantage for VAM USA in sales and acquiring new customers.  From a safety standpoint, it is a major benefit to not have to use a wrench or other tool to take protectors off. We have used QRP’s on hundreds of jobs and in my experience the use of this product has been beneficial"

Christopher Rohm

Onshore Operations Manager, VAM USA

Used by trusted companies in the oil and gas industry

Used in many settings and applications

Mill and workshop

Want to minimize rejects, reduce SKU and speed up your process, then the PipeProteq solution will fit your needs. The easy and quick to use solutions helps improving safety by removing the need to screw of protectors and make the process from stage to stage as smooth as possible. Also falling off protectors is something from the past, due to the patented design including the clamping function.  

During transportation and storage

PipeProteq is API 5 CT compliant with excellent results on vibration, impact and salt water spray testing. Also it preserves the inside of equipment due to the automatic pressure release function. The quick handling makes inspection a breeze and with the no-touch function real rig-ready support is now available.

Rig use

Running pipe is made easy and quick, even under the most severe (temperature) conditions with huge time saving and an increase in quality. When looking at safety, there is no need using additional tools operating and even a manless operation is possible.

The one product fits all function and re-usability makes this also the perfect tool for P&A (Plug and Abandonment) operations. Even cut-off connections can be protected securely from leakage during transportation.